You Can’t Control the Weather

Your alarm begins its serenade at 6 AM, waking you from your cozy slumber and pleasant dreams. You pick up your phone to hit stop on the alarm and slip back into the comfort of silence. Your first thought is what’s happening in your world this morning. You absentmindedly flick your finger across the screen as the best of everyone’s photos and captions appear and then disappear on your phone, one after another. Work is closed and school is canceled. In fact, almost everything is closed. Looks like a perfect day to Netflix & chill.

From where you’re sitting (or laying), so many things seem out of your control. You’re not missing work by choice and you surely didn’t cancel school. You can’t control the world around you. You can’t control the weather. Often, we let things outside of our influence determine the course of the day, which could lead to weeks, months, and even years spent living under the authority of excuses because, well, it’s easier that way. 

When so many things are outside of our control, it’s important to take advantage of the things that are within our control. Rather than ditch the to-do list or training plan, find a unique way to approach the situation. With each task that appears to be on hold, find a different path that will lead you towards the end-goal of that task. 

So, they canceled your competition? Host a virtual competition through social media or email. Invite others to join in and share scores, times, or videos accomplishing drills or challenges. The gym is closed for workouts and training. Try out an on-demand workout from home. One of the best I’ve tried is Les Mills on Demand, which offers a broad selection of types and lengths of workouts. Many on-demand services offer free 1 or 2 weeks trials. Even better, focus on mental training like visualization. No work or school? Learn a new skill like cooking French cuisine or speaking a different language (I recommend the Duolingo app for this, it’s easy and fun). You could also read a book to improve on a career-related skill or learn a new skill to advance your career (my personal favorite).

The point is to not put your goals on pause because the world around you isn’t conforming to your ideal environment. On your path to becoming great, you must learn how to adapt and overcome. If you consistently seek solutions, you won’t be burdened by what others consider problems. You will advance forward and bypass those that are standing by waiting for their perfect conditions.

3 thoughts on “You Can’t Control the Weather

  1. I am fortunate enough to only have to work every other week and still get paid for my full time. So now I have been trying to figure out what to do with my time. My gym offered the Les Mills for us to use while they’re closed. I just need to figure out what skill to develop to really make use of this free time. I just tend to over analyze things, such as will allocating this time to a certain skills be as beneficial as allocating it to another skill?


    1. I’ve love Les Mills since I work from home and have a baby. I’ve done all the types of workouts besides the dance ones (not my thing) but I’m sure those are good too. I’m not sure what you do for work, but I just started a book called Originals that’s so far very good. Talks about being an original and having original ideas in the workplace to move yourself forward.


      1. I work for the government. I usually do a lot of audio books, because I can get through a bunch of them from sitting in traffic. I will be sure to check that one out. Thanks!


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