Cliché, but it Takes a Village

I started working with a sports psychologist to improve my performance in rifle shooting at 13 years old, and continued seeing a collection of them until I finished competing 13 years later. In between, I competed on the US National Team at multiple Pan American Games, World Championships, in the Olympic Games, and more. From the psychologists I worked with, I gained a ton of useful information about myself as a competitor and as a person. One of the main things I learned: things completely unrelated to sport can have a huge impact on your performance. Everything you let into your life has an effect on you!

I have explored the thought of whether sports psych was vital for my success as an athlete. The answer for me is yes. Each psychologist I worked with equipped me with unique tools that helped me to believe in myself, persevere, and ultimately win. There is also a massive collection of things I learned from people that weren’t professionals in athletics or psychology, along with things I learned through my own experiences and from my upbringing.

After 15 years of competing, I stopped to pursue personal and professional interests. With everything I’ve done since, I’ve noticed that the lessons I learned as an athlete also apply to my life in business and at home. I had plans to leave sport and never look back, but that’s not what happened. I find myself consistently drawn to coaching and helping others with their own success. This is why I created w i n n i n g i n s i g h t s. I want to use this space to share the tools I’ve gained and experiences myself and others have had over the years in hopes that you might pick something up to increase success in your own ventures, be it athletics, business, school, or life in general.  

I’d love to see your comments on postings and ideas for new content. You don’t reach the top alone. Regardless of how cliché it sounds, it takes a village.

4 thoughts on “Cliché, but it Takes a Village

  1. It is always interesting to learn the way a champion gets to the top of their game. The how is a given: hard work. But the story behind the how is most intriguing. Your approach would be no less compelling.


    1. I love talking to people and learning about their journeys. Everyone’s story is different. The more information that is out there, the more people can learn and grow.


  2. Awesome read Amanda! Really looking forward to future posts. I love the athlete perspective and find my own athletic career has paid dividends in so many other arenas of my life. I would love to hear more about specific tools maybe your top 2 or 3 you’ve acquired and like to share with people you coach or interact with that you feel really gave you that winning edge.

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    1. Thanks for the comment! I’ll definitely be sharing specific tools throughout the blog. Every week I’ll be posting a different topic that I hope will help or offer perspective. You have had quite a journey yourself. I hope you’ll find the content relatable!


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